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Pound for Pound, Megalex carbon fiber sucker rods are the strongest, most durable sucker rods in the world. Our 5/8” carbon fiber sucker rods have the strength and fatigue resistance to replace 1” steel ultra-high strength sucker rods in the top section of the rod string. By reducing total rod string weight, and providing improved flexible bending stiffness, superior strength, and resistance to heat and corrosion, Megalex carbon fiber rods are revolutionizing the artificial lift industry.

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In 2008, high natural gas prices stimulated development of new technologies for drilling and producing natural gas, including new processes for dewatering gas wells. Typically deeper than oil wells, gas wells are completed with smaller diameter casing and tubing. The combination of deep production depth and small tubing diameter generally rules out sucker rod pumping as an option for dewatering the deepest gas wells — the deepest depths require stronger, larger-diameter sucker rods which are unable to fit in 2-3/8” tubing. Megalex has solved this problem by developing high strength, light weight carbon fiber sucker rods with small diameter connections that enable sucker rod pumping from deep depths within small diameter tubing.


Megalex carbon fiber sucker rods were developed to expand the operating capability of the sucker rod pumping system. Sucker rod pumping (SRP) is the most mechanically efficient and cost effective method of artificial lift, however, it’s limited by depth and volume. The limiting component in the sucker rod pumping system is the sucker rod itself. Light weight, high strength, small diameter Megalex carbon fiber sucker rods overcome the limitations of steel and fiberglass sucker rods, expanding the operating range of sucker rod pumping systems to greater depths and higher production volumes than ever before.


For the Megalex sucker rod to leverage the full strength of its carbon fiber material, it was necessary to design an end-fitting connection to the carbon fiber rod that would be as strong as the carbon fiber material itself. After many design iterations and strength and fatigue tests, Megalex

developed its new end-fitting design that fulfills these performance parameters and more. The Megalex end-fitting design is patent pending.


Beta testing began in early 2015 with the installation of approximately 2,800 ft. of Megalex rods in each of two 8,500 ft. Montana wells in the top section of the rod string. Peak polished rod loads and gear reducer torque loads decreased dramatically while maintaining the pre-installation production rates.


mitch_hale_cropped_webMegalex carbon fiber sucker rods are the brainchild of Mitchell Hale, President of Lone Star Artificial Lift Systems. With 30 years of experience in oil field operations engineering and artificial lift systems design, Mitchell knew there was a more efficient way to increase well production while delivering more long term value for the operator. Mr. Hale is a Professional Engineer in California and holds a BS in Petroleum Engineering from Louisiana State University and an MBA from University of California, Los Angeles.


Megalex carbon fiber sucker rods give operators the ability to optimize each well for optimum efficiency by increasing production volumes at deeper depths, lowering operating costs and extending well life.

Why don’t Megalex rods use a standard T-coupling?

Megalex rods have female threaded end-fittings and use a Megalex male-male threaded coupling. Because of this design, each rod to rod connection is made with only one friction face instead of two as with a standard T-coupling. Loss of circumferal displacement is a major cause of rod failures, and the Megalex design reduces the number of opportunities for loss of displacement from seven per 75 ft. stand of steel rods, to three per 75 ft. stand of Megalex rods. Additionally, each connection is made with one circumferal displacement scribe, greatly reducing the difficult task of simultaneously making-up two scribes correctly as with standard T-couplings.

How do Megalex rods make up to steel rods?

Megalex 5/8” rods are threaded with API size ¾” threads. Transition from Megalex rod to steel rod is made with a Megalex rod and Megalex coupling, joined to a standard ¾” T-coupling or crossover sub-coupling, which is then joined to a standard steel rod. All threading is API standard sizes.

Do Megalex rods require any special handling or tooling to run in and out of the hole?

No. Megalex 5/8” rods fit in ¾” elevators. Megalex wrench flats are the same as 1” rods, so 1” jaws should be used in pneumatic tongs for make-up. The distance between wrench flats of joining rods is the same as standard steel rod connections. Megalex 5/8” rods are 37.5 ft. lengths and can be hung in the derrick in the ¾” tines in 75 ft. stands of two rods. Upon initial running, rods can be easily handled by two people from crate to elevator (rod weight is 12.5 lbs).

Do Megalex rods stretch?

Megalex carbon fiber rods have a modulus of elasticity that is about 75% of the stiffness of steel and three times stiffer than fiberglass. However, the small 5/8” diameter of Megalex rods contributes to greater elongation when compared to larger diameters of the same material. Because of the overall lighter rod load due to the use of light weight Megalex rods, rod stretch is minimized. Megalex rods have a coefficient of thermal expansion which is 15% of steel and 29% of fiberglass, so temperature changes have little effect on Megalex rod stretch.

Can rod guides be installed on Megalex 5/8” rods?

Yes, Megalex can supply 5/8” rods with molded-on rod guides. Megalex has found it beneficial to supply 2-3/8” molded-on rod guides on 5/8” rods for use in 2-7/8” tubing. The 2-3/8” guides provide sufficient protection from rod tubing wear on the 1.625” OD end fittings while allowing ample clearance for fluid flow between the 2-3/8” inch guide and the 2-7/8” tubing ID.

Does Megalex make a high-temperature rod?

All Megalex carbon fiber rods are made with a high temperature resin system. Megalex rods are rated to 273 degrees F.

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