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Megalex carbon fiber sucker rods give operators the ability to increase their current production rate from existing wells at depths previously unachievable with sucker rod pumping.

High Strength

  • The superior strength of Megalex rods allow pumping units to lift fluid from deeper depths with longer and lighter rod strings.

Light Weight

  • The lighter weight carbon fiber rods allow for fluid to be a greater percentage of the total lifted load, and permit the use of longer-stroke pumping units to increase production per stroke.

High Temperature Resistance

  • Megalex high-temp rods are designed to operate in high temperature fluid environments and at deeper (hotter) well depths.

The light weight and superior strength of Megalex rods allows the sucker rods to be smaller in diameter while still delivering the strength of 1” high-strength steel rods, and with the added benefits of lowering overall operating costs.

Light Weight

  • Lighter weight Megalex rods create lower rod loads, resulting in less wear-and-tear on pumping unit gears and bearings and reduced electrical demand. The lighter weight rods also lower side-wall loading and diminish the chance of tubing leaks.

Small Diameter

  • Small diameter Megalex rods can operate in poly-lined tubing which reduces rod/tubing friction in the tubing. Megalex rods can operate in 2-3/8” tubing which improves the “separator effect” in the tubing/casing annulus for gassy wells and helps reduce gas-locking in pumps.

Corrosion Resistant

  • Megalex carbon fiber rods are resistant to H2S & CO2, reducing corrosion failures and lowering chemical treating costs.

High Fatigue Resistance

  • The higher endurance limits of Megalex rods can result in longer rod operating life.

Fewer Connections

  • Megalex’s end-fitting design allows fewer connections. This dramatically reduces the chance of “loss of displacement” connection failures compared to fiberglass (40% fewer connections) or steel rods (57% fewer connections).

Rod Make Up

  • A single circumferal displacement scribe per connection ensures 100% confidence in connection make-up.

Low Bending Stiffness

  • Megalex rods easily bend around dog-legs without high side-wall loads and are well suited for pad-drilled S-shaped wells.

Thermal Expansion

  • Rod stretch due to thermal effects in Megalex rods is minimal and significantly less than steel or fiberglass rods.

Rig Compatible

  • Megalex rod dimensions are designed to be compatible with standard pulling rig tongs and rod handling equipment.

Megalex carbon fiber rods allow operators to produce their deepest wells with sucker rod pumping. Sucker rod pumping is the best artificial lift system to achieve the lowest bottom-hole pressure, resulting in the greatest in-flow performance.

Small Diameter

  • The smaller diameter Megalex rods can operate in 2-3/8” tubing to de-water deep gas wells, extending well life and improving ultimate recovery.

Light Weight

  • The lighter weight carbon fiber rods create less load and torque demand on the pumping unit and its components, therefore increasing the life expectancy of the equipment and their productivity.

Specifying Megalex carbon fiber sucker rods for a project can lower the overall investment and capital expenditure as a direct result of their lighter weight, smaller diameter and superior strength.

Light Weight

  • With the lighter weight of Megalex rod strings, a smaller, less expensive pumping unit can be used along with smaller counterweights.

Small Diameter

  • Megalex’s smaller diameter rods allow less expensive 2-3/8” tubing to be used in the well, which could also allow for smaller diameter wellbores, smaller casing and less drilling mud and cement.